What types of plots are most in demand and where?

What types of plots are most in demand and where?


The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed the perception of individual investors active in the Polish market while focusing the attention of a larger group of new buyers.

The last 12 months have seen investors return to buying after an uncertain period caused by the pandemic and the first lockdown. During this period we have seen large transactions in the PRS sector and industrial land segment. The domestic market is a safe place to invest capital.

Office land

Regardless of the city, the dust after the first lockdown has not yet settled so returning to the natural working environment is not a common situation, which translates into investors' interest in plots of land for office buildings. Most of them have withdrawn from buying land for office buildings. You have to strive for a tenant, constantly raising the standard of office space. Nevertheless, employees want to return to offices, so we forecast a slow rise in interest in office plots, in central locations of regional cities. This is evidenced by the transaction of office developer Cavatina Holding in August 2021, which finalized the purchase of land in Wrocław, on which Quorum mixed-use complex will be built.

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