We offer comprehensive advice at every stage of the process. We prepare absorption and profitability analyses for each property. After determining its potential, we prepare a complete presentation of the property and acquire a purchaser for the project.

We can also source a general contractor from the best offers that immo lab gathers. We will check every plot of land that we receive and create a successful and value-added strategy.

With each offer we are able to contact almost 30 investment funds that are actively looking for products on the PRS market in Poland.

If you own land or other real estate, and you can build from 100 to 10 000 units on it, contact immo lab so that we can show you what we have to offer.

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We prepare absorption and profitability analyses for each real estate property. After determining its potential, we prepare a complete property presentation and open a professional, fully functional Data Room and begin searching for a buyer.

Once the needs and other factors of the landowner have been determined, we prepare an individual strategy. We can organize a tender/competition for offers and select a buyer from over 400 private and institutional investors from Poland, Europe and around the world. We can also match an investor with a specific project which will allow the selling of the property beyond the market horizon.

immo lab’s experience and competences in working with all types of real estate and investors extend to the following segments:

Office Residential Warehouse Industrial Hotel Data Centers Student Housing Utilization and Recycling Commercial Agricultural



We prepare strategies for capital real estate (assets that generate income) in two ways. Today's property investment market is dynamic, challenging and demands creativity. Therefore, in addition to the standard assessment of the project value based on financial data and market indicators, we always check whether there is a possibility of converting a building to another function or simply constructing a completely different project from scratch.

Of course, everything depends on a significant number of details related to the current status of leases, urban planning conditions, zoning conditions and of course location.

The range of services for capital property functions:

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Our many years of experience with land investment transactions, as well as with BTS (build-to-suit) and BTO (build-to-own) formats, along with our extensive contacts in the industrial and warehouse market enable us to act quickly and effectively on behalf of the tenant.

We examine all possible leasing options in the shortest possible time and on behalf of our clients which include  developers, funds that own warehouses or investments in progress as well as individuals and companies owning land which is intended for the construction of warehouses or factories. The evaluation of all available options regarding warehouse space is crucial in this dynamic and changing market. As a private Polish company we are not constrained by corporate bans or other restrictions that block our ability to show the entire spectrum of the market at any given time.

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20 years of co-operation with developers, architects, engineers, lawyers, brokers, and property owners from over a dozen sectors support our advisory services at every stage of the investment process. We will prepare the ground in terms of administrative-legal requirements, urban planning, and marketing. After obtaining the relevant documents, we will create a professional business and marketing document, and if there is a need for financing, we will sell your property, both the land and the building, to an investment fund, developer, or another entity.

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