Solidarni z Ukrainą

Big business under the palm trees

One of the episodes of the Eurobuild CEE podcast recorded during MIPIM 2022 is entirely devoted to the topic of providing crisis support to Ukraine.

Real estate market supports Ukrainian refugees

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and a wave of refugees is a big "check" in the context of ESG and corporate social responsibility. In an interview with Adam Roguski from Rzeczpospolita, Daniel Puchalski explains how Polish business reacts to this situation:

Support Ukraine

Further large figures of the campaign under the umbrella of the Employers of Poland, in which the immo lab team has been participating since the very first day, have been exceeded.

Daniel Puchalski at MIPIM

Daniel Puchalski, Managing Partner and Co-founder of immo lab, is participating in MIPIM 2022 to engage

Solidarni z Ukrainą

Our people are already here

"We are in talks with the organizers of MIPIM to promote our campaign and collect funds to help refugees during the upcoming Cannes fair," says Daniel Puchalski in an interview with Eurobuild CEE.

Residential developers expand land banks

The largest investor activity still refers to the multifamily residential market - nearly 70% of land transactions involve this type of projects.


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