Real estate market supports Ukrainian refugees

Real estate market supports Ukrainian refugees

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and a wave of refugees is a big "check" in the context of ESG and corporate social responsibility. In an interview with Adam Roguski from Rzeczpospolita, Daniel Puchalski explains how Polish business reacts to this situation:

"One of the goals of the huge group of entrepreneurs that organized right after the outbreak of the war is to engage Western countries in providing aid as well. We want to go abroad with our appeal. That is why I am participating in this year's MIPIM. After the last four weeks, I can say that as far as Polish business is concerned, we really rose to the challenge. We are supporting not only Ukrainian citizens, victims of the war, but we are also talking with Ukrainian business and we are in touch with the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. However, it must be said that we are not only helping Ukraine, but we are also helping ourselves. Unfortunately, there is a lot of chaos at the Polish-Ukrainian border. The most difficult situation, which urgently needs sorting out, is in Warsaw and Krakow. At the moment, however, it is mainly private individuals and entrepreneurs who are helping. In Poland there is currently no comprehensive system for receiving and distributing aid. We need to streamline these activities and think about what will happen next and how we will function in our own country. As for the situation on the Polish real estate market, unlike in the crisis of 2008, when most companies froze their operations, now investors have held their breath for just a few days. This is especially the case of the PRS sector and the capital market."

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